“Thy Kingdom Come!”

Our Needs

Monthly Expenses

We all know a few families blessed with an abundance of children: Ten, twelve, perhaps even thirteen or fourteen. Imagine what some of your monthly bills might add up to if you had forty kids, all fast-growing, hungry boys! You might be in need of some help from generous friends and neighbors to make ends meet.

We also strive to offer aid and discounts to those who cannot afford to attend. Tuition assistance and discounts help to fill the gap between the actual cost of tuition and what a family can realistically pay toward this cost.

At Sacred Heart Apostolic School we rely on the generosity of many good people in order to continue preparing these young men for a priestly vocation. May God bless you for your generosity!

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We also welcome nonmonetary gifts, please contact us to make arrangements!
If you would prefer to send your support by means of a check
you can make it out to “Sacred Heart Apostolic School”
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Sacred Heart Apostolic School
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