Daily Life

Students live a very active and challenging schedule that balances activities in the four quadrants of their formation: Spiritual depth, Character building, Intellectual development, and Apostolic action.
The day starts bright and early with the Legionary motto: “Christ our King! Thy Kingdom Come!” The heart of the school is friendship with Christ and this sets the tone to live the whole day giving their best for Christ in order to save souls.
First on the schedule are morning prayers, half an hour guided prayer, and Mass. This teaches them to put God first in their lives and ask his grace for the day ahead of them.
There are also a few minutes before dinner for cleaning up around the house. Just like in any family, everyone pitches in and does his part to keep the school clean and functioning well.
After breakfast it is straight off to class. Students at Sacred Heart strive for excellence in their intellectual formation. Small class sizes and student to teacher ratio assure that each student receives the personalized attention he needs to excel.
Class finishes around 4:00 in the afternoon and it is off to play sports. Sports and physical exercise are as important for strengthening the body as for acquiring the qualities of teamwork, perseverance, charity, and fortitude.
The boys love to take advantage of their breaks in between classes to make a visit to the chapel, toss a ball around or play table games, watch a summary of Church and world news, and grab a quick snack.
Even meals are made into formative moments: learning how to serve and eat with proper manners and be attentive to others’ needs helps them acquire self-control and form their will power.
Following recreation, the boys pray the rosary and have a short gospel reflection together as a community. The students learn the importance of devotion to Mary and entrust their lives to her maternal care.
The boys have night prayers at 8:30 with Eucharistic adoration and benediction and head to bed around 9:15.
Every night after dinner the boys have a night activity. During the week these are more formative activities such as choir practice, social etiquette training, Legionary Life Talks, and Holy Hour on Thursdays. During the weekend they are more “family style” activities such as group games and watching a documentary or movie..
On the weekends we always try to get outside as much as possible. Frequently on Saturdays we go out on hikes, often to the nearby Warren Dunes at Lake Michigan. Other times the boys may work on projects around the school.