With the help of God’s grace, we aspire to make Jesus Christ the center, standard and example of our lives. Extending Christ’s Kingdom is the ideal that inspires and nourishes our spiritual and apostolic efforts.
We seek to develop the seeds of a priestly vocation so that our students may more easily recognize it and be in a better position to respond to it.
Our educational goal looks for the human, cultural and spiritual formation of each young man in a timely and gradual way. The college prep curriculum allows him to embark on the path of the major seminary with a solid foundation.
The religious family spirit and character formation we offer prepares the young man to follow Christ with generosity of spirit and purity of heart.
Under the fatherly direction of the superiors, and with the close support of the parents, the student´s daily routine, adapted to his age, is set to help in the development of a strong character.