Tuition and Aid





Choice of:

Plan A- Ten monthly payments of $1,550

Plan B- Four quarterly payments of $3,875


Textbook fee


School supplies (approximate)


Uniforms- school and sports (approximate)


Musical instrument supplies (approximate)



The cost to educate and provide room and board for each student is $15,500 per year.

The tuition fee covers: full room and board for your son, teachers’ salaries, science lab, computer lab, library, and other materials needed to complement the programs of formation.

Expenses that should be taken care of either directly by the parents or from the boys´ personal accounts are as follows: clothing, textbook usage fees, school supplies, personal needs, musical instrument supplies, SAT testing, and special outings.

Sacred Heart Apostolic School strives to meet its financial obligations each month, while still maintaining the high standards of the formation we offer to your son.  Since our school already depends in great part on fundraising efforts, we encourage all families who find themselves unable to pay the full tuition rate to look among their relatives, friends, or other persons for those who could help them financially. Over the years, several of our students have had success paying off much of their debt through the generosity of people they have contacted. Often, parishes, businesses, and religious organizations are also eager to help support education, especially for a young man who would like to discern his priestly vocation as he finishes his middle or high school years.

We will never turn away a possible vocation because of an inability to pay the full tuition all that we ask is that families pay what they can. Where families can’t cover the full tuition, we will look for benefactors, and ask them to do the same, to provide scholarships to cover the difference in alternative reduced plans.

If you have further questions regarding payment plans or anything else please feel free to contact the business manager personally here at Sacred Heart Apostolic School:

Alex Hassett

Business Manager

Office# 219-778-4596