“Thy Kingdom Come!”

About Us

Sacred Heart is an apostolic school run by the Legion of Christ.

The term “apostolic school” refers to a high-school seminary where young men can discern their vocation to the priesthood in a missionary order or congregation.

At the heart of Legionary spirituality are Christ-centeredness, love for Blessed Virgin Mary, and firm adhesion to the Church and the Pope.

Sacred Heart Apostolic School is for young men who wish to discern the vocation to the priesthood in the Legion of Christ.


The Sacred Heart Apostolic School tradition dates back to the foundation of the Legion of Christ in 1941 with an apostolic school in Mexico City.

Since then, 20 such apostolic schools have sprung up all across the world including others in the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, and Argentina, among others.

Sacred Heart Apostolic School in Rolling Prairie, Indiana opened its doors in the fall of 2005 at what once was the prestigious Le Mans Academy.  In 2015 it became the only apostolic school in the United States when it combined resources with the Immaculate Conception Apostolic School (ICAS), originally located in New Hampshire.

Since opening its doors, hundreds of students have passed through Sacred Heart Apostolic School. Fifty percent of graduates have continued on to the Legion of Christ’s novitiate in Cheshire, Connecticut or to the diocesan seminary.  The other graduates continued their education in colleges such as Loyola University, Ave Maria University, Benedictine College, Christendom College and Holy Cross College, with a firm foundation in their faith and mission as lay apostles of Christ.


Mission Statement

The mission of Sacred Heart Apostolic School is to provide integral formation (spiritual, human, academic and apostolic) for junior high and high school boys considering a call to the priesthood in the Legion of Christ. We provide personal accompaniment in a healthy and supportive environment that enables them to mature, discern and respond to their potential call to a religious vocation.